Fully decorated facility with festive centrepieces
Rolls and butter
Selection of chef’s homemade soups
Season greens with cranberries and sherry, dijon vinaigrette
First Course
Penne pasta with (choose one)
Tomato basil/rosé/pesto cream/mushroom cream sauce
Main Course
Choose one:
Strip sirloin of beef with au jus
Roasted turkey breast with stuffing, cranberries and gravy
Herb roasted salmon
Served with choice of vegetable medley, rice pilaf, potatoes
Choose one:
Sticky toffee pudding a la mode
Double chocolate fudge cake
Served with fresh coffee and herbal teas
$46.95 + tax & service - Price based on 50 people
Add $32.00 per bottle (house wine)
Add $25.00 for person for 5 hour open bar
Add 6.00 (pre sold) drink tickets
2273 Royal Windsor Drive
Oakville, Ontario
Phone       905 849-6416 
Toll Free   
1 866-382-7227 
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